Red Creek is a commercial, film and print production company specializing in production services in Latin America. Our knowledge of climate zones, crops, local resources, rules and locations throughout the Americas enables us to analyze each project and make one or multiple suggestions of countries with the best combination of locations and costs.


Red Creek works with the best crews in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Santiago (Chile), Bogotá (Colombia), San Jose (Costa Rica), Quito (Ecuador), Guatemala City (Guatemala), Mexico DF (Mexico), Lima (Peru), Panama City (Panama) and Montevideo (Uruguay), to provide film and photography production services for advertising, commercials, print, film, documentaries, branded content and social media.


We know local, we know global. Red Creek, the Americas all in a single call.

Red Creek is first and foremost a producers’ company. We believe "real artists ship". Some of the most demanding and rewarding creative minds in the industry helped shape the Red Creek way of doing production services. We make mistakes fast and learn even faster. We can help.   Production Services The Americas Production Services
Due to our vast connections in both North and South America, we have the insider scoop to many different locations at any time of the year. Production costs, rules, and resources, vary from country to country. We search for the best match and provide the best option. Count on us for the local touch: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Uruguay, USA, and more!   Locations All the americas Locations
We produce incredibly diverse content from all over the Americas to meet the various needs and visions of our clients. Red Creek Productions is made up of experienced and professional filmmakers who love what they do and know the industry inside and out. Specializing in film, commercials and photography, we offer "The Americas All in a Single Call". House Reel Production Services House Reel
This is our home team, a selection of directors from various parts of the world. Some are veterans of many productions, some are young guns, they are all professionals who understand client mandates and agency workflow, who also happen to be amazing storytellers. Reels can by viewed by director or by filtering specific categories. Directors Commercials Directors
Red Creek purveys fine photographers and photographic production services to clients from around the world. Red Creek has become one the most trusted names in photo production in the Americas, providing local support and services to the likes of Bruce Weber, Elaine Constantine, Gemma Booth, Anthony Mandler, Warren DuPreez and Nick Thornton Jones. Advertising, Fashion, Catalogue, Travel, Editorial... we understand the difference, and we can help. Photographers Photography Photographers
Red Creek Productions is one of the leading photography agencies and print production companies in Latin America, working with some of the best photographers in the world. Slick, smooth, dynamic, colorful, grungy; whatever it is that you’re going for, we develop your concepts to deliver an end result that is everything you were looking for and more. Portfolio Print Services Portfolio
Production Company: Believe Media Agency: V/A Production House: Red Creek Productions Director: Anthony Mandler Location: Argentina Tequila 1800 PRODUCTION SERVICES Tequila 1800
Production Company: Partizan Agency: Kessels Kramer Production House: Red Creek Productions Director: AB/CD/CD Location: Argentina C&A PRODUCTION SERVICES C&A
Production Company: Radiant Group Agency: AOI Pro. Production House: Red Creek Director: Mr. Kazuma Yamamoto Location: Argentina Toyota G's Production Services Toyota G's
“A master work” -The Hollywood Reporter   ///   “All 90 minutes are gripping" -Newsweek   ///   “Remarkable” -CNN, Christiane Amanpour     ///     “An amazing feat” -Los Angeles Times   Sins of My Father Documentary Sins of My Father
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