Red Creek Productions makes films, commercials and photos all over the Americas. Red Creek works with a network of some of the top production companies in the region in order to provide film and photography production services for advertising, commercials, print, film, documentaries, branded content and social media. Red Creek also represents directors & photographers, and can make appropriate recommendations for projects which do not have creative talent attached, or in cases where clients want to 'go local' with the entire production, either for creative or economic reasons.

The Red Creek way ensures the timely and standardized delivery of bids from all territories and that those bids are not only comparable but also explore each option in depth and present each location in the best possible light.

Red Creek takes delight in using technology to develop new and more efficient communication. Our bidding protocols and distributed resources empower our bidders to present the client with many options in the time it used to take to explore a single location. This means that we can produce more and better ball-park quotes faster than any other production company on the continent.

Our offer is simple: "The Americas All in a Single Call".

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