Red Creek provides production services for film, commercials and photography in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru Uruguay and USA. We are in the business of finding and solving problems for our clients. We supply local know-how all over the Americas to filmmakers, photographers, and producers from around the world. What we offer is "The Americas All in a Single Call". Our knowledge of climate zones, local resources and locations throughout the Americas enables us to analyze what is best for each project and make one or multiple suggestions of countries where to find the best combination of locations and cost. In order to deliver on this promise the bidding process is overseen by one bidder with the participation of local executive producers in each country. This way Red Creek ensures the timely and standardized delivery of bids from all territories and that those bids are not only comparable but also that they explore each option in depth and present each location in the best possible light. Our mission is to find the very best solution for each specific shoot, wherever that may be. Sometimes a project that starts out heading for one country ends up shooting in another because of costs, locations, logistics or other important-enough reason. Whatever is best and most cost-effective for each production is what we are after.

Red Creek was built on the understanding that production services means production as much as it does services and that getting the production right is core but not enough. Click here to see a few jobs from around the hemisphere.

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