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Red Creek Offers Professional Production Services and Reliable Local Know-How in Brazil. Brazil is an incredible place to shoot any project, with sunny weather, urban and wildly natural locations, easy travel arrangements and accommodations, burgeoning film and advertising industries, and plenty of local talent. Few countries are as well suited for audiovisual production as Brazil, and hiring Red Creek's production services in Brazil is having won half the battle. Our bids are unique in both delivery time and depth, including access to our evergrowing database of Brazilian locations for every kind of shoot. Red Creek can be as comprehensive or as specific as your project requires, our producers are experienced in projects of all sizes and our ability to provide bids and locations in various countries in addition to Brazil becomes invaluable when considering options. Red Creek's regional presence, streamlined budgeting process and shared locations database empowers our clients to find the very best solution for each job.

If you aren't sure if Brazil is the right destination for you, contact the producers at Red Creek today. We can help you make the best out of this amazing country.

Brazil is the perfect location for:

• Ads
• Print Campaigns and Photography Shoots
• Films
• Social Media
• Branded Content
• Documentaries

This year, all eyes are on Brazil. Brazil hosts the FIFA World Cup in 2014, and Rio de Janeiro -after hosting the Pan American Games in 2007- moves on to mount the Olympic Games in 2016, the first ever to be held in South America.  To state the obvious, this country is happening.

In recent years Brazil has become one of the most diverse and energetic countries in the world.  Despite being the only Portugese-speaking country in the Americas, it is now the most influential country in South America, both economically and politically.

Due in part to its size and its unique history, Brazil has developed an exuberant culture which is distinct from other South American countries.
Outside the football stadiums--which are always full to capacity-- Brazil pulses to the beat of samba and bossa nova music.  As you stroll the 100 km of beaches which surround Rio de Janeiro, expect to find your feet moving to a different beat.

Brazils attractions are evenly divided between the urban jungle and the wild natural one.  The nightlife of Rio and Sao Paulo is as famous world-wide as the natural history of the Amazon region.

Brazil occupies nearly 50% of the South American continent, and occupies almost the same area as the United States.  And although most of the country is at a reasonably low elevation, Brazil contains almost the same geographic diversity as the U.S., including the worlds largest rain forest, coniferous pine forests, semi-arid scrub land, hills, rolling plains, mountains, waterfalls, rivers and fabulous tropical beaches.  Inhabiting these various regions are animals not found elsewhere on the planet.

Design plays an important role in contemporary Brazilian culture: the Palacio da Alvorada--the official residence of the President of Brazil--says it all.  Comparing this exceptional building, designed by Oscar Niemeyer, to the White House, one feels the optimism of Brazil as it moves into the 21st century.

The climate varies from tropical in the north, which is crossed by the Equator, to areas in the south where snow is seen at higher elevations in July and August. In addition to the unique climate zone of the Amazon basin, Brazil contains many micro-climate zones and variations within larger zones.  Typical temperatures in Sao Paulo range from lows of 54ºF (12ºC) in winter (July/August)  to highs of above 80ºC (26ºC) in February. 

Check current and historic weather or see sunpath for Brazil

Talent and Casting
Prior to 1972 five million people from over 60 countries migrated to Brazil, the majority of them being Portugese, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese and Middle Eastern. Today there are close to 190 million people in Brazil, and Sao Paulo, which is the best city for casting, contains 40 million. 

Despite being a 'melting pot', Brazil has its own instantly recognizable 'look' and the people are among the most striking in the world. Contemporary Brazil celebrates multiculturalism and Brazilians come in all colors. Virtually anything from world-class supermodels to full-on American style football teams can be cast here.

Crew, Equipment and Post
There are rental houses in Sao Paulo as well as Rio, Sao Paulo being the main hub. Gear can be temporarily imported into Brazil but there are cautions about the strict beaucracy governing importations. In both Rio and Sao Paulo there are state-of-the-art studios.

Crews in major urban centers handle hundreds of foreign commercial productions each year, on top of a  huge volume of national production for commercials, documentaries, telenovelas and feature films.  Crews and technicians are highly professional and the quality of production personnel such as stylists, art directors and DP's is world class.

In recent years, Brazil has become more actively involved in international production, and co-production agreements now exist with Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and other countries.

Travel Info
Both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are major international destinations, and most major airlines service one or both cities.  Expect even more travel routes to Rio in the next three years.  Flights from London to Sao Paulo take about 11hrs30 minutes, just slightly less than the flying time between London and South Africa.

Check airline fares or find the seatmap of your flight.

Time Zone
Brazil spans three time zones, although the majority of the country is GMT -3

Accomodations in Brazil range in style from older and traditional to the most glamorous and contemporary.  Brazilian design has also had tremendous influence on the hospitality industry and there are wide range of boutique hotels throughout the country. Outside urban areas there are posadas and eco-lodges, also in a wide range of price and style.

You might be out having so much fun you don't see much of your hotel room, but still it's nice to have one to fall back on.