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Red Creek's Production Services in Chile Streamline Location Scouting and the entire budgeting process. Red Creek offers TVC and photography production services in Chile. Our experience cover everything from large commercials to social media, from print campaigns to catalogues, from location scouting to wrapbook. The combined years of experience the Red Creek team has working on commercial and photography production in Chile has given us access to special resources and connections with local talent, crews, equipment vendors as well as unique access to locations that may not be so easily available, like downtown Santiago, organic farms and National Parks. In fact, our production services in Chile exceed's Chile, we will also help you consider other Latin American options since sometimes the first choice is not necessarily the most cost effective or the best one for the project. Ask Red Creek for locations in Chile and if we feel there are alternatives worth considering elsewhere we will help you assess those as options as well.

Call us today to see what Red Creek can do for your production in Chile, the next great location find. Not yet fully discovered by the production services industry and only now starting to claim its place in the Southern Hemisphere services season, Chile holds an extraordinary wealth of locations, some of them within surprisingly small distances. The city of Santiago is as close to the beaches and cliffs as to the snowed peaks.

Santiago is a cosmopolitan and modern city that mirrors American cities more than any other in South America. Downtown Santiago is commonly referred to as Sanhattan due to its resemblance to the Big Apple. And Viña del Mar and Zapallar are a drive away.

The Chilean coast, by the Pacific Ocean, extends for over three thousand miles and, in the opposite border, rise the Andes, both just an hour away from the capital city. In between, magnificent rivers, canyons, glaciers and deserts (as a matter of fact, the driest one in the world) complete the diverse landscape.

Chile has different types of weather. The weather in the North is dry, with relatively high temperatures that can reach 104° F. In central Chile, the Mediterranean climate makes summers very warm and the winters cool and fairly rainy. The south is cold and wet, with below zero temperatures in Patagonia. There are four seasons in most of the country: summer (December to February), autumn (March to May), winter (June to August) and spring (September to December).

Check current and historical weather or see the sunpath for Santiago.

Talent & Casting
Like the majority of South American countries, in the 18th Century Chile received a great number of colonists from places as diverse as Germany, England, Austria, France, Polynesia, Croatia, Palestine, Italy and, of course, Spain.

In the last ten years, mainly drawn by a growing and stable economy, many immigrants from Eastern Europe and Korea have been choosing Chile as their country of residence.

The cultural boom and the growing film industry have improved the quality and quantity of artists, actors and models. These reasons, as well as the labor laws of Talent, workable to the schedules of audiovisual production, make Chile a great choice when it comes to casting in Latin America

Crew, Equipment & Post
Due to the exponential growth in the amount of productions per year Chile has experienced in the past decade, the film industry has been unceasingly modernizing its equipment. Professionals specialized in all areas –from key grips to directors, from stylists to art directors– have all been acquiring invaluable experience and knowledge regarding their craft.

Travel Info
Most flights from Europe and the United States land in Santiago's International Airport Arturo Merino Benitez. Direct flights arrive from Europe, the rest of Latin America, the US, Australia and New Zealand and easy access to Argentina and Uruguay is available daily by air and land.

Check airline fares or find the seatmap of your flight.

Time Zone
The standard time zone in Chilean territory is GTM -04.

Chile's hotel industry is one of the most sophisticated and fast-growing in the continent. You will get the best treatment wherever you stay, whether it's a brand name hotel or a boutique hotel.

Chile has a very modern telecommunications system, with several companies providing internet and cell services throughout the entire territory. All hotels are fully equipped with high-speed internet connection. Contact your local carrier to learn if your cell phone will work inside of Chile. If it doesn't, cell phones are available for rent.

The Chilean unit of currency is the Chilean Peso. Most restaurants and hotels accept US Dollars.ATMs are easy to find in most of the country. Due to large commissions it is recommended to exchange cash in Santiago. Banks and exchange houses can be found all over the city.

Red Creek is the smart way of doing Chile. Call us.