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Uruguay is one of the most visited countries in South America, receiving more tourists per capita than any other in the region.

Great locations, highly qualified production teams and competitive rates make the Uruguayan film industry one of the fastest growing ones in Latin America.

If that's not enough, Uruguayans have earned a reputation for being the nicest, friendliest people in South America...and they live up to it.

In addition, tax benefits granted to foreign production companies that invest in the film industry make it an even more convenient choice for your next project.

Brands like Pantene, Visa and Sony have recently chosen Red Creek and Uruguay for important shoots.

Uruguay offers a great range of locations within a short distance, such as the magical colonial town of Colonia del Sacramento; Montevideo, which mixes Latin and Old World charm; Punta del Este, one of the world's most exclusive beach resorts; and colorful, beautiful fishing towns turned fashionable vacation spots, like Punta del diablo and La Pedrera.

Montevideo has a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as vast parks combined with a diverse cityscape, which mixes colonial art deco and modern architecture.

Every corner of this small and gorgeous country is not only easily accessible but also highly safe. Uruguay has a very low crime rate.

The weather in Uruguay changes notoriously between seasons. Summers (December to March) are warm, with temperatures that range from 68° F to 86° F. Winters (June to September) experience average temperatures of 50° F. Springs (September to December) and Autumns (March to June) are very mild.

Check current and historical local weather or see the sunpath for Uruguay.

Talent & Casting

Having been a Spanish colony for over three-hundred years and having received an important amount of immigration during the Twentieth Century, most Uruguayans descend from Mediterranean Europeans, but there is also a significant percentage of mestizos and mulatos that have had a big impact in Uruguayan culture.

Talent agencies are expanding at a fast passe, as the whole audiovisual industry has experienced enormous growth in recent years.

In addition, Montevideo is just forty-five minutes away from Buenos Aires, one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities in Latin America.

Crew, Equipment & Post
The Uruguayan film industry has experienced an impressive growth in the last decade, lead mainly by a new generation of talented directors and producers, but also by highly qualified technicians. Uruguay offers top of the line equipment at very competitive prices.

Travel Info
Long-distance flights arrive at Carrasco International Airport and sometimes have layovers in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, all of which are just a short distance away from the Uruguayan capital.

A very good alternative for traveling between Buenos Aires and Montevideo is crossing the Rio de la Plata by water. Buquebus offers very frequent and comfortable ferry services.
Traveling inside Uruguay as well as to neighbor countries is very easy and affordable.

The standard time zone in Uruguayan territory is GTM -03.

Check airline fares or find the seatmap of your flight.


Tourism is one of the main industries in Uruguay and we will have no problem finding you premium accommodation.

A few different  companies provide internet and cell services in Uruguay.

All hotels offer high-speed internet connection.

Local cel phones are available for rent and are the most convenient choice due to low rates and great service.

Local Currency is the Uruguayan Peso but Argentine Pesos and American Dollars are accepted at many shops, restaurants and bars, specially in Montevideo and other important tourist spots.

ATMs can be found easily in Montevideo, but don't always abound in smaller towns.