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The United States is situated just south of Canada, under the 49th Parallel and north of Mexico. The United States has had to wrestle with profound cultural contradictions. This pressure to develop its own cultural identity has produced such eminent filmmakers as Ed Wood and Francis Ford Coppola; cultural phenomenon’s like mud wrestling and The Metropolitan Opera in New York; and the entrepreneurial industry of Wall Street.

The American film industry has produced milestones of 20th century cinema such as The Godfather, Cleopatra, Straw Dogs and Polyester (the first film ever produced in Odorama). To shoot in a studio in Los Angeles is an opportunity to bathe in this rich tradition.


Icons. The United States is full of iconic imagery familiar to people all over the world. From The Grand Canyon to The Empire State Building, from Chicago to Los Angeles on Route 66, from The Statue of Liberty to the Sequoia forests of Central California, the country is about big things.

The United States is bordered by two oceans, the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, separated by a distance of approximately 3000 miles or 5000km.
The country covers multiple climate zones and boasts an immense variety of geographic features, including deserts, plains, meadows, foothills, mountains, canyons, shores, beaches, estuaries, archipelagos, woods, forests, lakes, hot springs, waterfalls, isthmuses, bluffs, bogs and business parks. The only significant geographical feature not found in the Continental United States is a magnetic North or South Pole.

A few USA Locations:



As might be expected in a country with such varied geography, the climate in the United States differs from region to region. Although it may be snowing in Chicago in March, this may be the same month that winter wheat matures in Texas. Although the four seasons--winter, spring, summer, and fall--are clearly defined in the U.S., they vary in intensity in areas such as tropical Florida and the Rocky Mountains. Historically, Southern California and Florida developed into year-round film locations on account of their climate. To this day, filming in warm weather settings remains more popular than filming in cold climates, but a surprising number of commercials and long-format films are shot in Chicago and New York in the summer months.

Check current and historic weather or see sunpath for The United States.

Talent and Casting

The United States has been called 'the melting pot' of the world. There are
no ethnicities worth mentioning which cannot be found in the U.S. Actors from all over the world come to the U.S. seeking work, many ending up in Hollywood, California.

Animal casting is particularly easy in the United States. Aside from great natural resources for animals in National Parks, by coincidence Hollywood, California is also home to the world’s greatest selection of animatronic animals and creatures.


Crew, Equipment and Post

Crews in New York and Los Angeles are some of the best around. Wherever you are shooting in the U.S. it's never far from an amazing resource base of people, equipment, gear, and production solutions.


Throughout the U.S., all types of accommodation are readily found, and at surprisingly low prices depending on the location and time of year.

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